Decorative films and wall tattoos

In addition to our extensive assortment of decorative and functional self-adhesive films, which are ideally suited for use in private living areas, we also offer pre-punched wall tattoos in color and black-and-white for walls, doors, and all surfaces that can be redecorated with new accents.

The success story of the d-c-fix® brand began in 1958. Today, d-c-fix® is a generic term for self-adhesive films. The extensive variety of application areas for our films, which place no bounds on your own creativity, is a major contributing factor in this continued success. Surfaces in houses, such as walls, windows, floors, and tables, can be beautified and accentuated – making something new from something old. Our high standard of quality and the innovative material characteristics that make up our products are equally appreciated by our customers and make us the leading film manufacturer in the world.