Our partners in the furniture, construction, and automobile industries have used artificial leather, films, or coated textiles by the global brand skai® for more than 50 years. skai® is especially the first choice when the utmost quality, stylish and trendsetting design, and innovative material characteristics are required.

Under the umbrella brand skai® you will find surface solutions for your products that are user-friendly and tailored to your needs in the branches of Transportation, Interior and Exterior. With skai®, you can be sure: We are certain to have the right surface for your special product.



With their innovative designs and superior material characteristics, our films for outdoor use are setting new standards in the areas of look, feel, and use. From Windows, doors, and garage doors to floor and wall coverings, our products offer the utmost in safety and guaranteed quality. They are unparalleled, both in weather resistance and ease of care.