Core competencies

We are a modern and innovative surface specialist. Our many years of experience, our knowledge of the market, our wide variety of products and our high level of technical expertise enable us to adapt flexibly to new challenges at all times. As a result we are able to be forward-looking in our actions and implement inspiring ideas immediately.

This high level of innovation sets us apart. The main factor that is gaining importance in our market success is the design of our products. The unique appearance and feel of our surfaces make all the difference. Yet in spite of all the "superficiality": Our responsibility to our customers and employees is always of the highest priority.

With their expert market preparation, communication and management of our brands, our Marketing Department lays the groundwork for the market success of our products. The in-depth market knowledge of our Sales Department is the key to comprehensive problem-solving skills.

Solutions are always formulated and developed in close dialogue with our customers. This requires a good relationship of trust which draws on many years of cooperation. Our Sales Department is always close to our customers, providing them with support at all time and knowing exactly where the shoe pinches. Our Sales Department can therefore also provide targeted customer support and possesses the process skills to ensure that our products are ready at the right time.

If necessary, just in time.

Comprehensive and efficient research and development is the prerequisite for superior products. We often develop our products in close cooperation or together with our customers. In our transportation business unit that is even the rule. And of course, our products comply with industry standards and regulatory requirements. Many of our product characteristics set the benchmark for the industry. We also find the right solution for new requirements. And impress with series of innovations.

We are successful with five business segments all over the world. Due to the various fields of application and wide range of uses of our products, we have a broad base and are successful in many different markets.

In each individual market we stand out due to our high level of expertise, which is reflected in our products and services. In every industry we are one of the leading players and know what is required. From this diversity we draw enormous synergy potential, of which we make extensive use. But that is only one reason for our innovation leadership
in the field of surfaces.

For us as a surface specialist, good design is a key selling point and an excellent way of distinguishing ourselves from the competition. We have come a long way in our efforts to achieve design leadership in our markets. Our own Design Center, the Hornschuch Design Guide and the fact that we have won many prestigious design awards bear testimony to this. They are a clear indication that we are able to successfully bundle our creativity so that we are in a position to anticipate trends and set them themselves.

The professional manner in which our products are manufactured is a crucial factor in their success. Here we can draw on modern facilities and our expertise, which has grown over the years and decades. But it is first and foremost the perfect interaction between man and machine which allows production of the highest quality.

In order that it remains this way, we have audits performed on a regular basis and our quality management system certified. Innovative production processes enable us to manufacture products with superior properties that can be used in a variety of ways. Important sub-processes are calendering, spread coating, printing, embossing and laminating.