Continental introduces a new generation of exterior surfaces

Thursday, 22. March 2018

• With the look and feel of real wood skai Woodec is celebrating its world premiere
• Jet Black offers high-quality black thanks to cool colors PLUS
• skai Matt Line with new colors, skai Alux still popular

Hanover, March 21, 2018. Fensterbau Frontale 2018 in Nuremberg from March 21 – 24 is once again the focal point for manufacturers of windows, doors and garage doors. At that time the leading trade fair offers manufacturers of the components for the building shell a panel to present trends and new products around the topics function, design and sustainability. In hall 5, booth 202 Continental presents impressive new products that are bound to create a buzz in the branch.

World premiere of skai Woodec – genuine wood look like never before
With skai Woodec, the surface expert will present a new generation of outdoor surfaces. The innovation is the result of a development process, which creates a new standard in realism. skai Woodec really does look amazingly realistic: the visual effects and the tactile elegance unite to form a high-quality overall impression that makes the surface indistinguishable from real wood to the casual observer. The deep embossing which reaches optimum ratings for durability and the extremely matt finish contribute to this effect. Both lend additional value to the surface. In addition, skai Woodec is extremely easy to care for and particularly easy to clean. This characteristic has also been improved in comparison to the standard program. Newly designed wood patterns are used – the new product is initially being presented in three patterns: in addition to the Turner Oak Malt pattern, two modern, whitewashed oak patterns in grey and white are planned. With their Scandinavian look, these match the modern interior design style, in which both color variants which are borrowed from the real wood and natural wood world are dominant. The cozy and simultaneously modern atmosphere that the patterns create in the interior was an additional inspiration for the designers. The Scandinavian interior design trend has now spread to windows and doors and thus visibly adorns the outer shell of buildings. skai Woodec will be presented at the trade fair on window profiles, doors, and garage doors with coordinated colors. Market introduction will take place in September 2018, samples will be available immediately after the trade fair.

European premiere of skai Jet Black – as black as the gemstone jet
Among coated surfaces, the past few years have been dominated by a long-lasting trend of grey and anthracite; the color DB703 was especially popular. Now, a new trend comes to Europe from the USA – the trend toward black windows. With skai Jet Black, Continental has teamed up with a German system provider to present a color that offers the darkest black that is currently available on the market. The color was inspired by the gemstone jet, a mineraloid, which is a type of lignite. The use of this type of dark coating on construction elements was made possible by the use of cool colors PLUS. The technology allows the technical implementation, years of know-how are fully utilized. A maximum reduction in heat absorption of the window profile is achieved due to a white base coat, which noticeably reduces the temperature. This means that the cool colors effect exists even in extreme ranges. The color is the same, but three embossings are offered, each of which makes skai Jet Black look different: the detailed, natural wood embossing gives the window profile an interesting look and feel – with matt sand embossing, a skai Jet Black window looks like a powder-coated window. And finally, the very fine glossy embossing looks particularly elegant.

Increasingly popular – skai Matt Line with three new colors
As in all areas of life, there is a trend toward matt looks among coated construction elements. Matt surfaces look high-quality and fine due to their reduced reflection of light. The matt look is created by means of a special embossing procedure. Currently, the skai Matt Line, which was successfully introduced six years ago, is experiencing much greater demand. With three new colors – two greys, one brown – Continental is now keeping up with the current market development.

Perfectly matches modern architecture – skai Alux
Furthermore, Continental will present the exterior surface skai Alux in Nuremberg. The modern look matches the currently popular straight-lined architecture. skai Alux is used on window profiles, doors, garage doors, and façades in order to create color and design accents on building shells. With skai Alux, the coated surface has the look and feel of powder-coated aluminum. This is achieved by special effect pigments, which are used during the printing process and create the typical shimmering effect in combination with the embossing. A highly precise laser engraving technology makes a brilliant look and attractive feel possible. The film is optimally equipped for outdoor use, meaning it is weather-resistant against sun, rain, or frost. Here too, the patented cool colors technology protects the coating and substrate by greatly reducing heat absorption. skai Alux noticeably enhances construction elements. The coating ensures a uniform color and makes construction elements look uniform. The two colors – DB703 and graphite – can be seen in Nuremberg.

Extended global warranty
Continental is focused on offering the market maximum quality. The quality of skai external film can especially be seen in long-term tests, which are performed at various sites worldwide, both outdoors and with xenon weathering equipment. Here, films demonstrate no quality changes even after 25,000 hours. This resistance to weathering corresponds to a period of about 30 years in Central Europe. The product makes a global warranty of up to 10 years possible.

With skai Woodec – here the design Turner Oak Malt – the visual effects and the tactile elegance unite to form a high-quality overall impression that makes the surface indistinguishable from real wood to the casual observer.
Photo: Continental


Inspired by the gemstone jet, the look of skai Jet Black is impressive due to its deep black. Here are the three embossings that are available.
Photo: Continental


The matt surfaces of the skai Matt Line – here in anthracite grey – have the effect of a high-quality and fine due to reduced light reflection.
Photo: Continental


There is a trend toward matt looks among coated construction elements. Here is a garage door with skai Matt Line basalt grey.
Photo: Continental


With skai Alux, the coated surface has the look and feel of powder-coated aluminum. Special effect pigments create the typical shimmering effect in combination with the embossing, here in the color DB703.
Photo: Continental


The modern look of skai Alux matches the currently popular straight-lined architecture, coated construction elements create color and design accents on building shells. Seen here in the color DB703.
Photo: Continental


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