Continental Taps into New Sales Markets for Surface Materials with Transformed Market Image

Tuesday, 20. June 2017

New image: After the merger of Benecke-Kaliko and Hornschuch, Continental is using its strong corporate brand with immediate effect to tap into new sales markets for surface materials and further expand awareness in existing markets.
The transformation of the market image and the gradual adaption to the corporate design of the Continental Corporation has had countless positive effects for both business partners and employees. The new image symbolizes unity, combined high performance and sovereignty and also reinforces the common identity. However, despite the new yellow and black Continental color scheme, well-known product brands such as Acella, d-c-fix, laif and skai will remain unchanged. The standardized image also generates a high level of recognition among customers and ensures that long-standing traditions are not lost.

Innovation and progress have characterized the way of thinking and actions of the companies for almost 300 years. As a result, both Benecke-Kaliko and Hornschuch have made a name for themselves, achieved global success and consistently stood for quality. Continental wants to build on the combined competencies of the two, formerly independent, companies, which is something that should also be reflected in the new name. This concerns not only expertise in smart surface solutions – the company also sets worldwide trends with its impressive designs. Therefore, the aim is to create a forward-looking combination of technology and design on an international level. The global team of researchers and developers, engineers, sales employees and designers understands the markets and requirements of our customers, thereby laying the foundations for innovative, intelligent and environmentally friendly surface solutions in high-quality and creative designs.

Benecke-Kaliko and Hornschuch were both already aware that companies can only achieve long-term success in cooperation with their customers – which is why their attentions were always focused on the customer. This guiding principle still applies after the merger – and in equal measure – to the automotive, furniture and construction industries as well as various other markets. Continental has an in-depth understanding of the requirements of its customers thanks to close relationships with them. Thanks to its high degree of expertise, reliability and quality, the company is in a position to develop application-specific solutions for individual needs.


New image with high recognition value: Benecke-Kaliko and Hornschuch becomes Continental.

Photo: Continental