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Tuesday, 29. August 2017

When it comes to window profiles, entry doors, garage doors, and facades, one company from the Hohenlohe region, which is home to several global market leaders, has been offering proven high quality for decades. The topic of colourful windows has been placed in the market with a combination of attractive design and excellent function. Proven innovations like cool colors and cool colors PLUS originated here.

The integration of Hornschuch into Continental, one of the world’s leading technology companies, has created new opportunities to further develop the company’s technological competence.

When Hornschuch introduced the first skai films with cool colors in 2006, it was a revolution. Since then, the company from Weissbach has been a forerunner in effectively reducing heat absorption into the profile. Today, cool colors is well-known in the industry. The principle has proven itself over many years and has thus become the new standard. Today, every new film developed in Weissbach is equipped with cool colors technology. Here, the performance has been continually improved. It is a reason for the success of cool colors. After more than 10 years of market experience with this technology, the results are excellent: windows coated with skai cool colors throughout the world have resulted in no cases of warped profiles nor heat-related film slippage.

In 2015 with the introduction of a new generation of acrylates, the performance of the film was improved again. The new formula ensures excellent UV protection, combined with very low heat absorption. The superior quality of skai external films can especially be seen in long-term tests, which are performed at various sites worldwide, both outdoors and with xenon weathering equipment. Here, films demonstrate no quality changes even after 25,000 hours, which corresponds to a period of weathering stability of about 30 years in Central Europe.
Due to this high-performance acrylate coating, the new skai cool colors films are the first choice of system providers. When combined with adhesive and a profile, the films create a coloured profile of exceptional quality suitable for worldwide use.

The product is tested and safe. This makes a global warranty of 10 years possible.
The heat absorption of skai exterior films was further improved by the 3-layer premium structure of cool colors PLUS. Especially on dark profiles in extreme climate regions such as India, South America, or the southern USA, the construction is seeing increased use. All previously obtained heat measurements result in the rating of Best-in-Class.

When choosing products, final consumers expect quality and function. For this reason, consumers primarily want attractive design on the exterior of a house in addition to technical innovation. In this area in particular, Continental, formerly Hornschuch, was able to generate new momentum in the market and establish new trends with skai exterior films.

Finally, the success story of skai exterior films would not have been possible without the trust of the system providers. Together, we took the first steps toward more colour on windows. The Weissbach company is known in the branch for a high degree of flexibility, very good customer support, and excellent service.
And the future? In the future, the focus will continue to be on function and design for the best possible customer benefit under the Continental flag.






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With the introduction of the innovative skai cool colors technology, Hornschuch became the forerunner in effectively reducing heat absorption into the profile.



Illustration 3/4
With skai Alux, Hornschuch successfully introduced a film to the market with the look and feel of powder-coated aluminium. At the last ‘Fensterbau Frontale’, the colour graphite impressed visitors with an elegant, dark shade.


Illustration 5
The company, which now belongs to the Continental group, maintains comprehensive capacities for weathering tests. Here is an outdoor facility in Arizona/USA.



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