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Monday, 06. March 2017

EuroShop 2017: Hornschuch presents solutions for shopfitting.

Individual and flexible solutions provide many possibilities / Trendy textile designs / Well-suited for contract areas: the new skai® Paratexa NF and skai® Paduna Stars NF feature realistic textile design / New skai® digital print collection is impressive with 3D-effects and brilliant colors / Versatile furniture film / Innovations with leather, stone, and hybrid look / d-c-fix® creates decorative accents with designer and glass films.

Weissbach, March 5, 2017 – From March 5 – 9, 2017, the entire world of shopfitting will be present at EuroShop in Düsseldorf. The world’s leading trade fair is a magnet for interior designers and fitters. This year, it will once again provide many new ideas for the retail branch. Materials used in shopfitting are becoming increasingly emotional. They support the ambience of wellbeing or the stylish coolness at the Point of Sale and help stationary retail stores compete with online stores. With the concept #SEE #TOUCH #THINK #LOVE, Hornschuch is successfully breaking new ground here and supports the branch with individual and flexible solutions. Upholstery materials that can be digitally individually printed, high-quality furniture films, self-adhesive designer films, and trendy glass decoration films are ideal for use in shopfitting. Award-winning designs and superior function are the hallmarks of the product portfolio of Hornschuch and offer store designers a variety of possibilities. With surfaces that touch, the materials create a unique atmosphere that encourages a purchase. At booth G01 in hall 10, Hornschuch will show you exactly how.

Ideal for contract Areas

For many years, Hornschuch has been successful in the contract area with high-quality skai® upholstery materials. The surface specialist is impressive with a plethora of possibilities and is successful in the restaurant, hotel, and cruise ship industries, and also in peripheral medical areas, as well as in stadiums, airports, and other public buildings. There, skai® upholstery materials can be used not only on furniture, but also on panels on the wall. The products have characteristics that are particularly popular for room design such as B1 flame-retardant coating, robustness, ease of cleaning, and light-fastness.

Textile designs are in style

Impressive designs and excellent technical characteristics are hallmarks of all high-quality skai® materials. At EuroShop, Hornschuch will present several new upholstery materials, such as the two B1 articles skai® Paduna Stars NF und skai® Paratexa NF, both which textile embossing and therefore super trendy.

Amazingly realistic

The brand-new upholstery material skai® Paratexa NF taps into the current textile trend. The fine surface structure in combination with its modern textile look and the trendy selection of colors create a particularly natural feel. Available in 15 colors in the muted pastel spectrum from the very beginning. Recently, the premium product was awarded the Label iconic Award 2017: interior innovation – Winner. The innovation was also successful in the renowned iF Product Design Award 2017. The material leaves nothing to be desired with regard to workability. It also meets the stringent B1 flame resistance standard and is therefore ideal for use with design-oriented shopfitting concepts.

Textile Magic

Glossy metal surfaces continue to be very trendy in addition to textile looks. The new skai® Paduna Stars NF combines both trends in a single surface, because the material also has a delicate textile structure. In 16 trendy metallic colors – including trendy taiga, nightblue, ruby und berry – the material looks elegant and sophisticated. It is particularly excellent as an eye-catcher at the Point of Sale and for decorative applications in shopfitting – on furniture or on the wall. As this innovative material also meets the B1 flame resistance standards, it is ideal for use in the retail branch.

skai® digital print – individual designs

Hornschuch’s customers can now equip limited small series and individual projects with designs from the high-quality skai® digital print collection, thereby gaining advantages at the Point of Sale. The high-quality upholstery materials skai® Pandoria Plus and skai® Toledo EN are the basic grades with three different embossings each - elegant leather grain, classic textile grain, and fine micro-pore structure. They are directly digitally printed and then finished with a coating. The two variants differ primarily in their flame-retardant properties. The skai® Pandoria Plus grade has a higher level of flame resistance. 12 innovative motifs are available with the various embossings. They are intended to serve as an inspiration and to illustrate the possibilities of digital printing, but naturally they can also be ordered. The designs are impressive with their intensely brilliant colors and unique 3D-effects. They range from wood, to textile, to phantasy motifs. Each design can fundamentally be converted to digital direct printing such as when an Allover-Logo print is desired. The minimum amount is 100 meters. This offers shopfitters new opportunities.

Versatile furniture film

The high-quality skai® furniture film has proven itself in the furniture industry as 2D and 3D film on fronts in the kitchen and bathroom furnishings area and it is increasingly used as well on stand-alone furniture in the residential area. Furniture film is also playing an increasing role in shopfitting concepts. It can be used on counters or to beautify entire rooms when used on wall panels. With its 3D-formability, free form surfaces can also be created. These make attractive eye-catchers in retail businesses. Free form surfaces can also function as room dividers, bring structure to a room, and guide customers. skai® furniture film can also be used functionally: It is possible to decorate walls, cases, and shelves with light.

With regard to the design of skai® furniture film, almost everything is possible, there are almost no limits. Whether classic or modern wood, expressive oak or exotics, leather or stone look – and now also a hybrid of textile/stone/concrete. Naturally with the respective embossing, so that the feel confirms the visual impression. This is also the case for the following new products:

Italian elegance

Italy, especially the region of Tuscany, stands for the tradition of high-quality, fashionable, and design-intense leatherwork. The world’s most renowned designers have designed the surfaces of exclusive Italian furniture, bags, shoes, and automobiles. Their designs are timeless. The elegant embossing skai® De Amicis captures precisely this timeless look and perfectly replicates Italian chic.

Elemental character

Natural stone brings peace and warmth into the house. It is a traditional material that radiates dependability and security. Therefore, skai® Sahara fits unobtrusively and stylishly into various room situations. Depending on the color, the design resembles sandstone, quartz, or concrete, and can easily be added to or combined with other designs on furniture. The subtly granulated, somewhat dull looking, haptically interesting surface has character. The balanced, vivacious interplay of colors looks natural.


The new design skai® Texstone with its used-looking character and its textile look embodies the current used look trend. The rustic appearance with faded colors is characterized by washed-out elements, which underscore the natural character. Due to the special embossing with irregular structures and an impressive finish, the design is especially awe-inspiring. The more realistic, the better. Nothing has to be perfect here.

Rustic honest

skai® Turner Oak, a design creation with exclusive characteristics: narrow stripes, rustic elements, delicate reflections are in harmony with expressive whole flowers. The high quality of oak enchants any observer. Furniture with skai® Turner Oak can be unfailingly integrated into a natural ambience.

Creating Accents

At the Point of Sale in particular, details often make a difference. Or a fast, flexible solution is desired. d-c-fix® designer films or glass films can create  attractive decorative accents in the sales room or display window even on short notice and with limited time. Here, the variety of designs is enormous. And static cling glass films can be removed again without leaving a trace and reapplied elsewhere.


The Hornschuch Group – a Brief Profile

In the Home Decoration business segment, the Hornschuch Group produces and markets designer and functional films for the end consumer under the brand name d-c-fix®. Under the industrial brand skai®, Hornschuch provides films and coated substrate materials for the automotive, furniture, marine and construction industries. The result is the creation of high-quality furniture films for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as high-tech upholstery materials in the Interior business segment, special synthetics for vehicle interiors in the Transportation segment, and innovative window profile, door and facade films in the Exterior segment. The Hornschuch Group with its headquarters in Weissbach near Heilbronn is the world leader in surface design. The Group includes three production businesses: O´Sullivan Films, Inc., USA, kek-Kaschierungen GmbH in Southern Baden, and Hornschuch Stolzenau GmbH in Lower Saxony. With five international sales companies, the surface specialist operates in the important trendsetting and decision-making centres that are so important for the industry, namely Paris, Milan, London, Moscow, and Shanghai. In addition, there are representative offices in more than 80 countries. In total, the Hornschuch Group has around 1,900 employees worldwide.

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Illustration 1

(Photo: s.Oliver)

skai® Parotega NF contributes to the feel-good-atmosphere in s.Oliver-Stores.




Illustration 2-4

skai® Paratexa NF is an upholstery material with a new, very realistic textile look, which has already garnered two renowned Awards.


Illustration 5-7

skai® Paduna Stars NF is a high-quality upholstery material with a delicate textile structure.

Illustration 8-9

Hornschuch’s customers can now equip small series and individual projects with the high-quality skai® digital print collection and score in the market.


Illustration 10
The new skai® digital print collection is impressive with 3D effects and brilliant colors, here the Cintia design.


Illustration 11

The elegant embossing of skai® De Amicis captures precisely a timeless look and perfectly replicates Italian chic.


Illustration 12

Natural stone brings peace and warmth into the house. It is a traditional material that radiates dependability and security. Therefore, skai® Sahara fits unobtrusively and stylishly into various room situations.



Illustration 13-15

The new design skai® Texstone with its used-looking character and its textile look embodies the current used look trend.



Illustration 16-18

skai® Turner Oak is a design creation with exclusive characteristics. Nevertheless, it can be unfailingly integrated into a natural ambience.